Suzanne has a Bachelor's and Master's in traditional psychology yet she has discovered that complementary and alternative approaches, sometimes referred to as energy methods, are effective and sustainable in the long run in assisting individuals in reaching both short and long-term goals. She has received formal training in a number of energy methods such as Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) and a meridian "tapping" technique referred to as as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. She also has certifications in Hypnosis and NLP two very dynamic processes that work together to affect change. Because she views all her work as complementary and alternative in nature, she encourages you to read her disclaimer in full on her Home page.

One of her main goals in working with people is to assist them in "transforming their pain into learning" the hallmark belief of Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE). Even traditional science concedes that most diseases are caused by stress. Advanced Clearing Energetics goes a step further, as it has identified some very specific stressful events can initiate an entire disease process - whether it be physical, emotional or psychological. Clearly when we are sick, it is a "full on" event as we are affected emotionally, psychologically and physically. ACE understands this so it works back from what the client reports regarding their condition and uses a strategy designed to clear the "trapped energy" caused by the stressful event that produced the condition initially. In this manner the body/mind can begin to heal naturally, something it is hard-wired, to do based upon our evolution as a species.

Suzanne has come to realize over time that as human beings we are very subtle vibrational creatures and as scientists have discovered, particularly at Heart Math Institute, we do have a profound impact on ourselves and those around us. Our thoughts can and do affect our physical and mental health status, for better or worse based upon the thoughts we think, the emotions generated and the behaviors we engage in as a result. These become reflected as our current life circumstances. This is always changeable. That is the beauty of being human. Every one of us can change our current life circumstance by engaging our very biology in profound meaningful ways, which leads to self-trust and change.